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Storm Protection, Security and Energy Savings All Rolled into One

Protect from the Elements

Ontario’s weather can be relentless. Benefit from worry-free protection for your property from some of nature’s nastiest storms, rain and even flying debris.

Secure Your Property

Feel safe in your home or business with our specially designed security shutters. Help protect from would-be intruders while discouraging vandalism.

Save on Heating & Cooling

Energy-efficient Insulated profiles can help you save heating and cooling costs. By blocking the sun in warm seasons, and trapping heat indoors during the winter.

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Retractable Rollshutters Combine Function & Form

Our shutters are strong, secure, and durable. Effortlessly, they glide into place and conveniently retract into an overhead box. Retractable rollshutters are ideal if you are looking for that energy-efficient solution. Proven to reduce on-demand energy use with insulated profiles that block the sun in warm seasons and trap heat indoors during cold seasons.

Retractable Rollshutter Key Benefits

Colour Options

Choose from a wide range of colour options and find the perfect one to suit the style for your outdoor home. Note that rollshutter colours can differ from actual samples, so make sure to ask our sales team for true colour swatches.

Frame components are available in 5 stock colours or 1800 custom colours to match your decor perfectly.













“A house becomes a home when it is a haven for love, memories and happiness… Make Your House More Home.


Extend Your Season with Our Double Weave Retractable Screen

Did you know you can sustain sun damage in the winter just as easily as during summer? Help protect your loved ones and valuables from the harmful effects of UV rays with our #95 double weave retractable patio screens.

Ready To Give Your Outside Home or Business the Care it Needs?

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