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Commitment and Unified Leadership

Vastek Solutions Inc. is a family-owned business based in Ontario. Working in a family business can bring valuable benefits compared with other businesses - a strong commitment to great craftmanship, greater trust and increased flexibility.

Energy Efficiency

Our Habitat Screens and Rollshutters are proven to reduce energy and improve comfort in a climate that is becoming more and more extreme in the summer and winter. Our Energy-efficient Insulated profiles help maintain comfortable room temperatures, prevent overheating, improve comfort, and reduce energy use.


Vastek Rollshutters protect homeowners and businesses from break-ins with specially designed security shutters. An opening like a door, window or garage is a vulnerability that intruders can ransack. Feel safe in your home or business and protect from would-be intruders with our specially designed security shutters.


Our rollshutters are designed to protect. Windows and doors are shielded from being broken and the metal shutters are painted to resist damage like spray paint or scratches.

Storm Protection

Rollshutters can provide heavy storm protection and protect windows, doors, garages and storefronts from strong winds and flying debris. Natural disasters can be dangerous and costly. Left unprotected, your property is at risk.

Living Comfort

Make your living space a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Repel bugs, reduce noise pollution and enjoy shade from the warm sun. Our Rollshutters and habitat screens improve the comfort of your indoor and outdoor space.

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