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5 Ways of Making Your Hamilton Home Bug-Free

Sep 16th, 2022

We know summer’s still a couple of months away from officially arriving, but you can never be too prepared for dealing with the onslaught of bugs and insects that come with it, right? With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind when warmer weather comes around:

Start with the Exterior

The tiniest of holes in siding can be found and exploited by insects as an entryway, so closely examining the exterior of your house is a good place to start. Keep your eyes peeled for small cracks and openings that you’d normally miss.

Fix any damage on the exterior and get rid of any rotting siding if you find it, as it can quickly become a target of termites and carpenter ants.

Yard Work Calls for Hard Work

You should stay on top of yard maintenance at all times. Even more so because overgrown grass, little pools of standing water, and debris are great breeding grounds and hiding places for insects such as flies, mosquitoes and fleas.

Clean up your yard regularly and you’ll note a significant decrease in the number of bugs around your house.

Check Your Foundation

Due to its proximity to the ground, the foundation of a home is an easy target for bugs, who then use it to make their way in. Make sure you’re covering all your bases by keeping it clean. Clear away any wood, grass clippings and other debris from around your foundation.

Insects tend to love dark, moist spaces. Proper sunlight and a lack of moisture build-up will make the area inhospitable to bugs.

Screens are Your Best Friend

We don’t mean your phone, tablet or TV. Installing an exterior screen outside your windows and doors just might be the best thing you do all summer.

Summer brings with it a unique dilemma: you’d like to enjoy the warm wind and fresh air, but keeping doors and windows open would mean sharing your house with uninvited guests in the form of creepy crawlies. An exterior screen lets you enjoy all the fresh air without having to put up with any insects.

Check Your Doors and Windows

Until you’ve had quality exterior screens put up, keeping your doors and windows open is a bad idea. Even when you think they’re shut, however, they might still be allowing insects to enter.

Similar to how you examined the interior, take a close look at your doors and windows for any gaps, cracks, holes, or other faults that could be keeping them from being properly closed.

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