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How Retractable Habitat Screens Can Enhance Your Living Space

Sep 16th, 2022

Ever wondered how habitat screens can elevate your outdoor living space? Not only do these retractable screens help regulate your indoor temperature and provide a comfortable environment for you to relax in, but they also keep out unwanted guests.

Here’s how.

They Preserve Your Outdoor View

Have you ever wanted to cherish the view of your front porch or patio but are unable to because of the blinding sunlight coming through the windows? It seems like such a waste of a warm, sunny afternoon, doesn’t it? With a habitat screen, you can make the most of summer days in Canada without being exposed to excessive sunlight or heat.

One of the coolest things about habitat screens is that they provide solar protection without compromising your view. This means that you can use the protective screens to ward off sunlight while still admiring the outdoor view through them. They’re see-through and easily retractable, allowing you to adjust the view—and temperature—just the way you’d prefer.

They Keep Away Bugs

After a long and dreary winter that forces one to stay indoors, Canadians look forward to spending some time outside in the sun. Summer in Canada lasts only a few months, and you want to make the most of the sunny days you get. This is your chance to recline lazily on your patio seating, lie comfortably in your hammock, or even arrange a little picnic outside on your very own deck. There’s just one problem: summer bugs.

The last thing you want when you’re relaxing in your outdoor space is bug bites. Dealing with mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, houseflies, and other insects buzzing or crawling around your space is a huge nuisance, and you don’t really want to endure the smell of bug spray each time you step foot outside. The solution? A retractable habitat screen.

Installing a habitat screen around your covered outdoor space can protect you from bugs and insects. It’s much more effective in keeping away these annoying creatures than lighting citronella candles or using smelly bug repellant ointments. With a habitat screen, you won’t have to be forced inside on a lovely summer evening because of the threat of bugs swarming outside!

They Provide Complete Privacy

If you’re conscious of prying eyes because your patio happens to be in plain sight, habitat screens are just what you need. You can easily have a retractable screen inserted in your patio to enclose the space and add some more privacy. This way, you’ll have a comfy outdoor space to relax in when you want to spend some time outside the house without having to worry about onlookers.

You can even convert your outdoor space into a mini spa enclosure or add a Jacuzzi, using the retractable habitat screens to ensure privacy! Since they’re retractable, you can always adjust the extent of coverage you want.

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