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How Retractable Screens Can Help You Expand Your Living Space

Sep 16th, 2022

Looking to expand your living space without making a serious dent to your wallet? Consider getting a habitat screen installation. A habitat wall is a retractable screen made of fabric, namely vinyl-coated polyester. It comes in a variety of colors to add a dash of personality to the space that its being installed in. You can also go for a custom color if you’re looking to increase the level of personalization. It’s a pocket friendly solution that can save you a huge amount of money that would’ve gone into construction and developing a new space.

Universal Installation

Habitat screens are flexible and come in a wide variety of options, which make them installable in almost all kinds of spaces such as doors and windows. Because of their universality, they are an ideal installation for patios. Custom fit designs can allow you to turn your patio into a proper outdoor living space which has many health benefits, without having to worry about any insects making way into your habitat.


Privacy is one of the biggest reasons why people get retractable screens for their homes and offices in the first place. The sheets come in different densities, which all have varying levels of transparency. You can go for a denser layer if you wish to preserve your privacy or lower it down as you wish. Privacy doesn’t mean you lose your view, as you can easily lift it up when you feel like having a look

Proper Ventilation with Filter

A problem that most people struggle with when trying to increase ventilation for their buildings is the increase in dust and external contaminants making way inside. Along with air, unwanted particles of dust and debris are bound to end up inside as well, so using a habitat screen acts as the perfect solution. The fabric layer is thin enough to let air inside while stopping larger particles.

Other Benefits

Because of their fabric design, habitat screens are very easy to clean, requiring a mild spray of water to wash down any dust or debris that might be clogging them. You can manually retract them or use a remote to clear up your view when you feel like it. They also come with timers and sun sensor options which changes the position of the screen to block out any UV rays, adding an extra layer of protection to your living space.

Before you consider construction to add more space to your home, consider a habitat screen. At Vastek Solutions, we are habitat screen installers providing services in Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas . Apart from homes, we also cater to commercial properties looking to add a layer of privacy on their premises. We use high quality equipment from renowned companies, not increasing protection on buildings but adding flair and improving their overall aesthetics with accompanying designs. Our other services include lindab gutters and rollshutter installation.

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