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How to Enhance the Privacy of Your Patio?

Sep 16th, 2022

Our home is the only place where we can ultimately be ourselves without any fear of judgment. You can sing, dance, paint, scream, laugh, cry, cozy up with your partner, or lie down and have some rest out in the garden. All you need is a safe level of privacy to keep the onlookers away!

Let’s start with making your patio more private:

Wooden fences

If you’re fond of a class countryside look, wooden fences are a must-add to your home. Wood is very versatile, and there are a dozen options to choose from. There are endless wooden options in terms of their price, style, shades, and durability. Wood fencing doesn’t just boost your patio’s privacy but also adds a new dimension to your overall curb appeal. The good news is that wood is also very inexpensive, doesn’t need frequent maintenance, and is a very durable option. However, we don’t recommend DIYing your way through the project since it needs more than basic woodworking knowledge.

Get an exterior solutions service to do it for you.


Hedges have been a crucial element of a home’s privacy for the past many centuries. Since ancient times, homeowners have been installing hedges along their property to make it distinguishable. The key is to plan out the installation well, choose some good plants to go with it, and invest in frequent upkeep and maintenance. When adding privacy to a patio, placement is critical. Make sure the hedgerow is long enough to cover the area without obstructing the garden view.


Do you miss the exotic tropical feel while living in Ontario? All you need to feel like you’re on a tropical retreat is some bamboo sticks in your front yard, a pina colada, and a lovely dress. Bamboos are great for creating a tropical space and form a very natural form of privacy. Bamboos grow very tall and will easily shield your patio, making it more comfortable and cozier. They also quickly fill in the gaps between the fences and the pergolas, creating a solid barrier.

Put up a habitat screen.

If you need to transform your patio into a bit of private living space only, for the time being, a habitat screen works as a great option—because they’re 100% retractable. You can always pull them back upward when you no longer need them. We also recommend habitat screens over all the above-mentioned options because they let you enjoy your private time on the patio without giving up on the garden view. This is because these screens are see-through enough to let you have a good view of the outside but don’t compromise your privacy. They also make your patio an excellent option to spend some time during the day—thanks to its ability to block out the sun glare.

To get your hands on some premium quality habitat screens in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Ancaster, and Ontario, look no further than Vastek Solutions Inc. We also offer a wide range of exterior solutions, Lindab gutters, and roller shutters. Request a quote now.

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