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Should You Choose Interior Blinds or Exterior Solutions in Niagara?

Sep 16th, 2022

When it comes to shade solutions and window treatments, the one thing you’re not is short on options. On the contrary, with functionality, designs and colours to suit a wide range of preferences, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Sound familiar? Read on, we’ve put together everything you need to help you decide between interior and exterior blinds:

The Basics

The ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ in their names describe the installation site of the blinds. Interior blinds are installed not just inside your house, but most commonly on the inside of your window frames as well. Whereas the latter are installed on the exterior of your house, over the windows or around outdoor seating areas, for more effective protection from the sun.

What They Do

Interior blinds, sometimes called roller blinds or roller shades, are used mainly for reducing sunlight penetration into the house and establishing privacy. If a window doesn’t receive direct sunlight, they can also be used as a means of reducing glare. They can bring down the ambient temperature of a room by approximately 3°C.

Exterior shades, often referred to as exterior roller shades, exterior screens or habitat screens, enhance the energy efficiency of a building. Exterior shades block sunlight and UV rays before they can come into contact with the window. This is their main advantage over interior blinds, as it helps them decrease the interior temperature by almost 10°C.

Installation Differences

Interior blinds can add to the overall visual appeal of a room, depending on your choice of colour, design and material. They offer a subtle calming effect or make a bold statement. They’re available with manual as well as motor-based controls.

No matter which kind of blind you choose, an interior blind will hinder some of the view at the top of the window when it is raised. Additionally, every variety of interior blind lets in some sunlight because their operating hardware, however minimal, requires some space to be left on both sides.

On the other hand, exterior screens frequently come fitted with a rail mechanism that completely surrounds a window from the outside, providing total window coverage and granting you thorough protection from the sun.

Habitat screens are also available in designs that allow great visibility, which can be conveniently installed to shield outdoor sitting areas from direct sunlight and insects, increasing the usable living space available to you.

Time to Pick One

Ultimately, the choice between interior blinds and habitat screens depends on the climate you live in, the amount of sunlight your home gets, as well as your budget. If you’d like a lower level of protection on a budget, go with interior blinds. For maximum protection from the sun while maintaining visibility, however, choose exterior shades.

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