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Energy Efficient Building Design: Key Elements

Jul 29th, 2021

Energy-efficient homes make use of various sustainable ways to reduce, reuse, conserve and manage energy options. In the short term, such building designs are a great way to cut down on bills, and in the long term energy-efficiency is a key goal towards a sustainable future.

The key elements of energy-efficient design include:

Taking Consideration of Existing Structural Features

When designing a house with the intention of making it energy efficient, start by considering its existing structural limitations. How far is the building from a means of transport? How can the current building be used to maximize natural energy utilization i.e., in terms of light and wind, where the best place is to install windows for ventilation and circulation.

Choosing Sustainable Material for Construction

Choosing your construction material wisely is the next step in achieving maximum energy-efficiency. The material that goes into construction can directly affect how much energy will be consumed to maintain the temperature of your building and how much repairs will cost you annually. Installing the right material for your roof, drainage and outdoor space can effect greatly how much energy will be required for upkeep when the temperature and weather changes.

For instance, Lindab gutters are known for being sustainable in terms of having a longer lifespan and for being leak-free and eco-friendlier than other alternatives.

Heating And Cooling Considerations

Your HVAC system is arguably one of the most important systems in your home’s energy efficiency. The way you choose to insulate your home or allow for circulation to develop around it can influence your home’s energy usage directly. Where the air-ducts are placed and how they get cleaned will also mean a lot for your home’s energy consumption.

Choosing Appliances and Energy Options

Finally, choosing your appliances can make all the difference. How many air conditions are you planning to set up? How much on average will your household consume of the electricity from the grid, and will you have your own generation system in place? This can contribute to making your home energy efficient or the opposite.

Importance Of Energy Efficient Designs:

In the modern day, energy is a limited resource that comes at greater costs than just our bills. With the world facing increased shortages of energy production options, switching to sustainable means fulfilling our energy needs is the best alternative to going back to the Dark Ages. Energy efficient buildings reduce costs and lower our overall impact on our environment.

If you want to install green exterior solutions to meet your energy needs, Vastek Solutions has you covered. We install habitat screens, roll shutters, retractable patio screens and sustainable lindab gutters for achieving energy efficiency around your house and commercial property. Reach out to us in Hamilton, Ancastor, and Niagra to get a quote.

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