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11 Advantages of Having Retractable Screens for Patios

Sep 16th, 2022

Patios are a window to the outside world while staying inside your house. This makes them an excellent solution for those who love the outside but don’t really want to step out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come without a cost: UV rays from the sun, unwanted bugs, and the prying eyes of your neighbours.

We have a solution for you. With our Talius Habitat Screens, you can now enjoy your patio while keeping out unwanted company.

So, what do you get with our retractable screens?

1. Easy Installation

Getting the right professional makes everything easier. Vastek Solutions can custom fit your retractable screen where ever you want them installed.

2. Distraction-Free

This isn’t a view from a window anymore. You get to see the entire landscape without any distraction. No more harsh weather, insects, or extreme sunlight, just friends and family enjoying the outdoors.

3. Affordable

Retractable screens don’t cost a lot. Installation and maintenance are done once you get a budget-friendly quote from your installers. Always go for the highest quality habitat screens to ensure longevity and durability.

4. Ambient Temperature

Retractable screens can keep out the unwanted sunlight, resulting in an ambient temperature that you can enjoy on your patio. This makes patios a perfect spot during warm months of intense heat.

5. Insect-Free Space

The importance of an insect-free space is often not realized. Pesky insects are a nuisance, and there’s no keeping them out if they decide to disturb you. Not just that, there are plenty of bugs out there that can sting you or spread diseases (think of flies, mosquitoes, and hornets). Habitat screens create a barrier between them and us, making your time outdoors more relaxing.

6. Increased Home Value

If you decide to sell your house someday, your buyers will be impressed with retractable screens. This is because habitat screens offer flexibility and durability at the same time. This increases your home’s value and gives you better returns on investment.

7. Appealing

Retractable screens look beautiful, but that’s not all. You can paint them however you want to match your interior. And when you want to retract it, you get to show off your patio!


You don’t have to change your Talius Habitat screen every year because they’re incredibly long-lasting. They can withstand harsh weather conditions without tearing apart.

9. Energy-saving

Retractable screens are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Because they control the amount of sunlight that enters your home, the temperature inside is always better. This means you don’t have to use your air-conditioner all the time.

10. User-Friendly

Operating habitat screen is a child’s play. They are convenient and incredibly easy to use! They are remote-controlled, needing only the touch of a button to open and close.

11. Customizable

They never look out of place. Retractable screens fit in so well with your decor that you’d start cherishing them. They’re available in many colours, styles, and options — whatever your home needs to look elegant.

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