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5 Benefits of Retractable Habitat Screens

Sep 16th, 2022

Retractable habitat screens allow you to enjoy the view of your garden while preventing scorching sunlight and tiny critters from entering your home. Sometimes also called “sunglasses for the home,” these handy screens are an energy-efficient option and are gradually replacing traditional windows like blinds and curtains.

With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to get retractable screens for your home in Ancaster.

Habitat screens also allow you to create a relaxed, comfortable environment outdoors without any pesky insects interrupting your leisure time. Read on to discover how you can use retractable screens to enhance your outdoor living experience.

They Provide Protection Without Taking Away From The View:

One of the best features of a retractable screen is that they provide ample protection without blocking the view of your backyard.

You can choose from different mesh types to create a cool, shaded environment with a gorgeous view. They can also provide relief from the scorching heat of the sun so that you can enjoy your time outside. Choose a fabric density such as 5%, 10%, or 40%, so you don’t have to sacrifice the view while still maintaining a sense of privacy.

When not being used, you can remove the screen by retracting it back into its casing at the push of a button.

They Prevent Insects From Biting You:

Fans of the outdoors have a common enemy in the hot months: Insects!

These tiny creatures are one of the biggest grievances that prevent us from enjoying our time in our backyard. And if you’re hosting a party and have food and drinks served outside, insects are likely to cause an even bigger problem. Using a retractable screen can keep you and your guests safe from insects by preventing them from entering your home or patio.

They Provide Privacy:

Habitat screens are ideal for your patio, deck, or garage. These screens give you the privacy you need from prying eyes and adds to your home’s security. If you are considering adding a spa enclosure to your outdoor space, a retractable screen can give you privacy and comfort at all times. This way, you’ll get to spend more time outdoors without any worries.

They Protect You From The Sun’s Glare And Heat:

A retractable screen allows you to enjoy the cool summer breeze from your patio or deck without any of the sun’s harmful rays frying your skin. Moreover, you won’t have to wear sunglasses either, since the habitat screen will keep your eyes safe from the glaring sun rays.

Using a retractable screen will also reduce the time you spend in the AC, reducing energy bills.

They Are Practical And Stylish:

Habitat screens allow you to retain your home’s design and aesthetics with multiple colour options and models to choose from. These screens can be installed on existing features and can be customized to fit every style of architecture. Moreover, the screens easily blend in with their surroundings and can be folded back easily when not needed.

They are easy to clean and won’t require any maintenance for as long as you have them, making them the perfect investment.

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