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A Comparison of Roll shutters and Retractable Screens

Sep 16th, 2022

Roll shutters are in these days but so are retractable screens. What should you be opting for then?

Read on to find which one suits your needs the most.

What Are Roll shutters?

Roll shutters are window or door treatments Installed on the outside of windows and doors. They’re made of metal, usually steel or aluminum. Offered in various colours and custom sizes, they ensure the security of your house or business while keeping aesthetics a priority.

Why Use Roll shutters?

Talius Roll shutters are reliable, easy to install and maintain.

1. Security

The biggest benefit of using roller shutters is that they provide you excellent security. This makes it impossible for thieves or robbers to get inside your house or building, and it also acts as a deterrent for forced entry attempts.

2. Weather Control

Roll shutters also protect against severe weather, rain, or strong winds. They are better than normal doors, keeping you safe. In case of fires, they stop its spread internally and externally.

3. Privacy

Another reason people opt for roll shutters is the extensive privacy they provide. You can tune out the outside world and unwanted lookers, letting you maintain your indoor private life.

4. Noise Cancelling

Living in a busy neighbourhood can get frustrating. Roll shutters act as a noise eliminator where they create a barrier between and the outside world. They reduce noise levels by more than 50% while also keeping your noise in: you can put on loud music, and no one will be disturbed.

5. They look great!

Just like retractable screens, roll shutters come in hundreds and thousands of colours. You can choose whatever suits your taste, and they will not ruin the look of your house or business at all.

What Are Retractable Screens?

Retractable screens are used for decoration and privacy and are commonly installed outdoors in patios, gazebos, garages, or, say, balconies. They are installed directly over a gap or a window. They are called “retractable” because they retract within a box when sliding them open.

Why Use Retractable Screens?

Talius Habitat Screens™ are fully retractable and adaptable to your needs.

1. Provide Shade

They offer protection against UV rays and keep the heat at bay. This keeps you safe and regulates the temperature inside your house.

2. Offer a wide view

Retractable screens offer you a wider, unobstructed view of the outdoors while also maintaining privacy.

3. Flexible

This type of screen offers flexibility when it’s drawn across the window and when not in use, it is rolled up.

4. Security

Retractable screens help you create your own private sanctuary by providing security and privacy wherever you install them.

5. Aesthetic

There are so many colours and models to choose from! This makes them a wonderful choice where you can integrate them into your home while maintaining your home’s design.

Once you install habitat screens or roll shutters, you will realize they are super easy to operate and maintain. Get Vastek Solutions to take care of it. They provide customized roll shutters and retractable screens in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Ancaster, and Ontario.

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