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Shutter vs. Blinds: 4 Deciding Factors

Sep 16th, 2022

When it comes to window treatments, there are shades and curtains and then there are blinds and shutters. Both are similar and different in many ways, but we’d argue that shutters have the rest beat. And we have good reason to do so.

Following is a comparison between shutters and blinds.


Many would argue that blinds are undoubtedly cheaper than shutters. Blinds indeed cost less upfront. However, are they a good long-term investment is the real question here.

No matter how well-maintained, blinds need replacing every few years. On the other hand, shutters can go decades without maintenance. Therefore, by paying more, you’d really be getting value for your money by not spending it on window treatments for years to come.


When you hear of security rollshutters made of aluminum, you might imagine them to possess next to no insulation. However, that wouldn’t be fair. Not only do they provide complete coverage from sunlight, but they also protect your living space from heat in the summers and keep it warm in the winters.

Blinds might work where plunging a room in darkness is concerned, but they definitely don’t keep the temperature out.


As opposed to blinds, commercial rollshutters can increase the market value of a property. When installed in a modern residential or commercial building, the sleek treatments add to curb value by giving an impression of security.

In fact, an important selling point of roll shutters is that they render a property impenetrable by being immovable. Blinds sway in place and aren’t quite made for the same purpose as their counterpart.


We previously mentioned that blinds only last a few years despite maintenance, but is said maintenance easy to carry out? That’ll be a resounding no. Blinds consist of these thin, stiff plates strung into a cord, which allow dust to settle between them but don’t exactly let up for cleanup.

Moreover, wiping individual slats can be a lot of work. Rolling shutters, by not having sections strung up, are easier to maintain.

Speaking of string, it is made of wool or similar fabric, and if there’s anything we know about it, it’s that it frays over time. Fray leads to breaks, meaning the string might render your blinds useless until you have it replaced.

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